The birds and the beanie

October 30, 2015

I have this thing with beanies and dresses and they might just totally clash and look horrible together, I just don't care. I love wearing beanies during fall and I'll probably wear them until it's summer and too hot outside to even think about wearing a beanie. Yeah, beanies are my thing, haha. The dress I'm wearing is really old (I'm not even kidding) and it was really inexpensive, but the birds and the colors remind me of fall.

I think that people don't appreciate the trees enough during the fall time. It might sound crazy, but I just really, like really, love fall colors and my favorite place to be at this time of the year is in the park or I love going for walks. Yep. I should probably just let you see the photos of my outfit instead of rambling about nothing. It's really late now and I need my bed. Goodnight!

Comparing concealers

October 28, 2015

I hate running out of concealer, because I never know whether to buy a new one or just repurchase the previous one. I have been a fan of Catrice concealers for the longest time and I was actually planning on repurchasing the high coverage concealer, but they were out of stock so I had to buy another one. I picked up the velvet finish concealer because it looked quite promising and I thought it would be interesting to compare these two concealers.

The liquid camouflage concealer:
+ High coverage (especially for redness)
+ Cheaper than the velvet finish
- It dries out your skin if you have dry skin like me
- I wouldn't recommend using this if you have oily skin
- It dries quite quickly, which makes it harder to blend it into your skin
(Price: €3,59)

The velvet finish concealer:
+ It doesn't dry out your skin
+ It's a thicker substance
+ It's perfect for covering under-eye darkness
+ It's long-lasting
- Redness from spots is still visible
- Doesn't really suit oily skin
(Price: €4,59)

I hope this review was a bit helpful and if you have any recommendations for concealers, please let me know!

5 Things: makeup vanity clear out

October 24, 2015

I'd been thinking about cutting down my makeup collection for a long time before I actually decided to go for it and eliminate the things I didn't use. I realised quite a while ago that I was only buying make-up to grow my collection, but it's so stupid to buy things you'll never be able to use up. Once I became a vegan, I started to realise how we aren't just overconsuming meat, dairy and eggs, but also clothing and make-up. I realised that if I only bought what I really needed, I was a much happier and content person. People who have got a lot, only want more and I didn't want to become someone who would only be happy if I bought something. Anyway, enough philosophy for today. Let's get to business.

How to cut down your make-up collection.

1) The elimination round
The first thing you want to do is to get rid of any products that are out of date. Using outdated make-up is bad for your skin and you don't want to know what the chemicals will do to your body if you keep on using them.

2) Define your style
Secondly, you want to throw away any make-up that no longer suits your style. I decided not to keep baby pink colors or shades I would never wear. Also, I threw away every foundation that didn't suit my skin type (e.g. if you have foundations for dry skin but your skin tends to be really oily.). If any of your friends want to keep the make-up then give it to them instead of throwing it away, of course. :)

3) Do you really need it?
What do I really need and what am I going to actually use up? If you're like me and buy things because you think they look pretty or they're from a popular brand but you don't plan on actually using them, then stop that immediately. Write down what you really need and avoid impulse purchases, they're extremely dangerous! ;)

4) Get cleaning
I know that cleaning is probably the most boring part, but if you really want to go all the way, you've got to clean out that vanity! I cleaned every single brush and make-up product I own and this is like a second elimination round. If you see something you don't like, throw it away because there's no point in keeping things you're not planning on using.

5) Think twice
As I mentioned before you have to think twice about what you're buying when you're in a shop. E.g. You've run out of your favorite concealer, but you've still got three other concealers in your vanity, but they aren't as good as that other one. What to do now? Well, either use one of the other three concealers or throw them away. There's no point in keeping them when you don't want to use the products. Also, no more impulse buys is a ground rule and make a makeup shopping list and stick to it.

Growing up (2012-2015)

October 22, 2015

Writing this post feels weird, really weird. I'm somehow emotional yet happy. Emotional because I saw some outfit photos I took whilst holding my rabbit who sadly passed away and I still love him to bits. At the same time I'm happy because the day I started this blog was the day I learned to accept who I am and I went from being an unhappy teenager to being proud of myself and my achievements and I just learned so much in these past few years.

My body hasn't really changed although my face has gotten sharper (thank puberty for losing that baby face haha). I think I was about 14, turning 15 when I started blogging and everybody hated it. They weren't supportive, thought I was wasting my time and my dad kept telling me how posting photos of myself on the internet would only cause problems. Now, nearly four years later, I've learned so much about blogging and people are supporting me which is the most amazing feeling in the world. To know that people actually appreciate your work and knowing that people all around the globe read this tiny blog of mine is crazy.

I know I'm not a big, super successful blogger who earns millions each year by writing and photographing, but I've gotten somewhere and I'll keep blogging until my fingers can no longer move or until there's nothing to blog about anymore. This is just a big thank you to all of you who have been here since day 1 or since yesterday.

"Change can be scary, but you know what's scarier? 
Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing."

Like the old times

October 21, 2015

I used to wear this skirt almost every single day last year during the colder months and wearing it again made me think about how much my life has changed in just one year. Or actually, how much I've changed and grown up. I'm thinking about writing a post featuring photos of the outfits I wore three years ago when I just started out my blog. Would you like to see that? :)

I paired the skirt with one of my favorite blouses at the moment and a gorgeous pair of heels. This outfit is super simple but really comfy! Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for voting on Fashionatic for the Zalando Blogger Awards! I can't wait to go to the event, but the voting hasn't ended yet! My blog can still win the public choice award and that would honestly be so awesome! You can vote on Fashionatic here! Have a lovely day!

blouse: Only // skirt: h&m // shoes: Libelle // coat: Memory Lane // bag: Stradivarius

That gorgeous lace dress

October 19, 2015

It took me about a month to finally post the photos of this stunning white dress with lace detailing. If it was still sunny outside and not freezing, I would probably be wearing this piece to every special occasion. But sadly it's too cold outside to just leave the house without gloves on (ain't nobody got time for frozen fingers, right? ;))

I was sent this stunning piece by Relaxfeel and their clothing is just so stunning! I already showed you a blouse they sent me (see the post here) and I've been wearing it ever since. The dress is a bit see through though so if you're planning on ordering it off their website, be sure to buy a nude or a white plain dress as well to wear underneath. You can read the full review about Relaxfeel here. :)

White lace dress: Relaxfeel*

5 Things: being more productive

When I told my friend I was going to write a post about how to be more productive, she started laughing and was like 'are you serious?'. I was, actually. This is why I'm writing this article. I don't just want to share my tips with you, but it should also be for myself. If you can write it, you can do it! So, these are my five tips on how to be more productive.

1) No need to be social
Social media has slowly but surely found a way into my daily routine. I check my social media accounts when I wake up, when I'm having my lunch, during class (oops!) and even when I go to bed. It's awful and I hate it. So, my rule number one on how to do more is to turn your phone off and log out! When I'm logged out, I usually don't really feel like logging in again, because it's such a waste of time and I'm too lazy. But, this means I won't be checking my social media every.single.second. Plus, don't forget to completely shut down your phone!

2) Make a plan and stick to it
I recently started planning everything and I noticed that when I didn't stick to my plan, I was angry at myself and when I actually did stick to my planning, I was happy and content. I use Google Calendar on my computer and on my phone I use the App CalenMob. It's so handy!

3) Just do it
Yes, like the Nike slogan. "I just really don't feel like it though." No, just do it because you know you'll feel so relieved once you've done the job. I, myself, often think "But I'll do this another time." when I should be replying to emails or finishing an essay. Stop procrastinating and just do the damn job. There is no later, there's only now and you should be doing what you have to do right now. (Are you procrastinating right now? Because then finish reading this post and do what you should be doing. ;))

4) One thing
Focus on only one thing at a time and remove anything that might distract you. As I previously mentioned: put that phone away and concentrate on what you should be doing. If your room is too distracting to study, go to a library or study in the living room. I sometimes even tell my parents to tell me to study and not to get distracted. It really helps!

5) Notebooks are a must-have
I love making to-do lists and ticking off tasks I've completed is so rewarding. I've always got a notebook with me so I can jot down what I still need to do wherever I am. And ta daa, I can tick off 'post on how to be more productive' on my to do list. Yes!

what's on my face

October 13, 2015

Getting this close to my camera isn't just a bit weird, no, it's super uncomfortable and not something I plan on doing more often - haha. But, I just really wanted to show you what I like to apply to my face every day. It's super simple and casual, nothing too dramatic and complicated (ain't nobody got time for that, right?). When I wake up, I'm usually not in the mood to be creative with make-up and I just apply whatever product I can reach for without having to search for too long.

I usually apply my concealer first on any blemishes and dark circles under my eyes and I like to set the concealer using a setting powder (surprise! Nahh..). I use a light bronzer to bronze up my face a bit so I don't look too pale and that's about it for my base!

I then apply some mascara and I fill in my brows using a dark eyeshadow color from a super cheap palette. Believe it or not, but this is everything I do and I know it's not very spectacular, but it's all I need to look okay for the day.

Products I mentioned:

Catrice concealer
Catrice setting powder
MUA bronzer
Too Faced 'better than sex' mascara
Catrice 'Nude' eyeshadow palette

All black every day

October 8, 2015

Autumn means sweater weather and I've been wearing them non-stop lately. I recently got a new plain black, fluffy sweater/knit and it's the coziest thing. I know I use the word 'cozy' too much, but I! Haha :) I like to wear this sweater with a floral printed black blouse because the collar looks really cute. I'm also wearing my good old black jeans again and my vegan Doc Martens. This outfit makes me feel 100% comfortable and almost everything I'm wearing is from Only haha.

I went to a concert of Bony King yesterday and it was so good, the guy is so talented and I could literally listen to his music 24/7. PS: don't forget to vote for Fashionatic for the Zalando blogger awards! More about it here.

knit, jeans and blouse: Only // shoes: Doc Martens 

Fall loving

October 7, 2015

Things I love about fall. 

· cozy knits · falling leaves · drinking mint tea ·chilly days · pumpkins · hot soups · rainy days to cozy up · Halloween · comfy boots · winter coats · furry vests · hot chocolate with cinnamon · yummy oatmeal with banana and berries · cute blankets · the smell of the rain · the color · spooky pumpkins · orange hues at sunset ·

The teddy coat

October 4, 2015

I've been either studying non-stop these last few days or I'm cooking for myself (it takes so long to prepare food - omg!) or I'm at uni. I really hope I'll have some more spare time soon because there's nothing I love more than blogging and writing. I could really use 24 more hours in a day, haha.

I received this coat from Sammydress a couple days ago and I didn't really have anything to wear it with, so I went shopping. I found a comfy camel coloured sweater/blouse and I paired it with a green skirt and I think it compliments the coat so well! About the coat: it's really soft (you'd almost start petting it haha) and it's cozy. I'm all about autumnal coziness and this coat is perfect for those warmer days in October. But honestly, who doesn't love a gorgeous camel coloured coat that feels like a teddy bear?

I collaborated with Sammydress for this post and I previously worked with them a couple months (maybe even a year) ago, so I knew I could trust this company. I already said this a couple times, but I never promote clothing from a brand I don't trust. I already knew that the quality of the clothing was pretty good and this coat looks really expensive although it's pretty cheap. I've always wanted to own a camel coat, so when I got this opportunity to work with them, I immediately agreed and I love it! :)

coat: Sammydress *// top: Only // skirt: H&M // shoes: Doc Martens

cozy & comfy cardigans

October 1, 2015

Taking pictures of yourself in the middle of the road probably looks weird and very narcissistic to some people, but I'm pretty sure every style/fashion blogger can relate. It is pretty awkward. But hey, that's the life of a fashion blogger, haha. Although I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger, because I just wear what I like and 99% of the time my outfits aren't even stylish or blog-worthy.

But as I am a lifestyle blogger, I can't not show you the outfit I like to wear most of the time to uni. Because let's be honest: ain't nobody got time to get dressed like a queen for uni. Haha :) I got the cardigan I'm wearing in Lisbon and it feels like a blanket wrapped around your body. Sooo comfy and cozy! Plus, it also looks really cute and it's soft. Since the cardigan is quite the eye-catcher, I prefer wearing it with some black jeans and a basic shirt. I'm usually also wrapped up in a huge, chunky scarf because I caught a cold (thanks to my brother). What's your comfy outfit? 

Also, excuse the messy hair, it's messy 90% of the time.

 cardigan: Stradivarius // shirt and jeans: h&m // shoes: Doc Martens

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