The festive season makeup bag

December 29, 2015

I wrote down a couple New Year's resolutions last year and one of them was 'shrinking my makeup collection'. I don't own a massive amount of beauty/makeup products, but a normal human being doesn't need half as much makeup as I own. Actually, if I was confident enough to turn up at a party wearing no makeup, I probably wouldn't even own a makeup collection. But I'm not confident enough and although I hate going to parties and actually almost never go to any, I do own too many beauty products.

I haven't bought any new products these last couple of months, well apart from the occasional concealer because I use it almost every day (unless I'm not leaving the house, because I can't be bothered with wearing any makeup then). If you have been following my blog for quite a while, you'll most likely recognize some of the products in my makeup bag. These are my makeup bag essentials:

· Catrice Velvet Finish concealer (10) ·
· Too Faced Mascara ·
· Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer ·
· Catrice Nude Eyeshadow palette ·
· Hema Lipstick (13) ·
· MUA Bronzer · 
· Rimmel Lipstick (08) ·

What's the time?

December 27, 2015

I'll be honest with you: until a year and a half ago, I couldn't be bothered with wearing watches. Until I discovered my mum's old watch that I wore every day. And then it broke, which reminds me that I still need to get it fixed. Because I was in need of a new watch and I didn't want to buy one with a leather band, Sammydress sent me one. I wrote about the store a couple times before and I've worked multiple times with them. They're just the sweetest! :)

This golden watch with a white faux-leather band is gorgeous and although it's a bit big for my tiny wrists, I can't wait to wear it! I mean, just look at it! It's so stunning and I can imagine myself wearing this with a white turtle neck sweater. It's also really cheap, so if you're in desperate need of a new watch like I was, go check it out! :)

watch: Sammydress*

On the stairs in Liège

December 23, 2015

The only thing I've been doing lately is studying and I just can't wait for the exams to be over so I can spend some time with my best friend and finally get back in shape. I literally have no time to work out or be social and it's so frustrating! Anyway, I spent the day in Liège yesterday with my family. We did some Christmas shopping, ate delicious food and we took some outfit photos! I'm so happy with how they turned out and I couldn't wait to share them with you! :)

I was wearing a skirt that looks super short on the photos but it wasn't as short in reality. I got it a long time ago and it's been one of my faves every since, especially when I wear it with over the knee socks and my super comfy Doc Martens. I don't know what I would do without those shoes, I wear them every single day!

skirt: Vero Moda / top: H&M / shoes: Doc Martens / necklace: Sammydress

Details & life updates

December 18, 2015

It's been a while since we last spoke and it feels so weird to finally be blogging again, although it won't be for long. Tomorrow is the first day of locking myself up in my room, getting up super early and eating super healthy. My exams start the 11th of January and I'm scared yet excited for the exams, crazy right? Anyway, I just wanted to share some photos of new things I got with you because it's been too long since my last proper blog post. When I started uni, I thought I'd have so much time to work on my blog and have a social life, but that's sadly not the case. I love uni (I know I probably sound crazy, haha!), but I would like to have a social life and speak to my friends more often but hey, if I want a degree in something I love I have to work for it. And I'm rambling on again, sorry! The pretty necklace and bracelet are both from Sammydress and so is the poncho. I will be showing these items in an outfit post soon, or at least I'll try to find the time to post the outfit... I can't promise you anything. Have a lovely evening!


Dresses for the festive season

December 14, 2015

Yes, I actually do wear something else than christmas jumpers and warm fluffy socks during the festive season. Although I mostly spend my days in cardigans and turtle-neck sweaters, I won't lie. Buying cute dresses for Christmas' Eve and New Year's Eve is something I love to do, though. So, I thought I'd help you pick the perfect Christmas/NYE outfit (if you haven't got one already) and today I'm sharing my favorite dresses with you!

faux leather collar dress / tunic dress / fringe dress / guipure dress

· The little black dress ·

My ultimate wardrobe basic is probably the little black dress. Although I own too many already, I still think you can never have enough cute, stylish little black dresses. Wear them with pumps, platforms or a simple pair of ballerina shoes and you're all dressed up for the festivities! 

metallic bead dress / embroidery bead dress / flapper dress / white bodycon dress
· Just bead it ·

I'm usually not the biggest fan of beaded dresses, but when I stumbled upon these ones from Mango and Asos, I think I might have fallen in love with beads. They make any outfit or any dress look festive and you don't even have to try. I might have to add one of these to my wardrobe... but the one on the right is so gorgeous, right?

· Midi Maxi · 

I'm saving the best for last: gorgeous maxi and midi dresses. This is the reason why I would like to be a couple cm taller, because being quite short means it's almost impossible to find a midi dress that doesn't look like a maxi dress or a maxi dress that doesn't make you look like a midget, haha!

Room decor details Part two

December 10, 2015

I promised you a long, long time ago that I would post more photos of my room in Leuven, which is where I go to uni (fyi). Guess what happened? I forgot about it, as you do. I've been super busy lately and I haven't even had the time to take outfit photos, let alone photos of my room decor. Uni comes first, then my social life, then my blog. Also, my computer has annoyed me lately. The battery doesn't really work anymore (it goes from 100% to 0% in less than ten minutes) and it's so slow!
Anyway, those were flimsy excuses. Let's get to business! As you might have seen in my Christmas post, my adorable tree is my favorite thing in my room. I didn't take any pictures of it for this post though, but you can check out the post if you want to see it! To make my room feel a bit more festive, I added a garland and a cute Christmas sock. The other parts of my room aren't as festive, so I've still got a lot of decorating to do! :) I hope you'll enjoy these photos and get inspired!

I'm 19?

December 9, 2015

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and I still can't believe I'm actually 19 now. To me, it feels like I have to act like a grown-up now, an adult. But I'm still a silly, insecure, passionate, timid girl with a blog. I remember never wanting to grow up as a nine-year old girl and a couple of years later, I always wanted to stay 17 years old. It's crazy to think about how fast the time goes, one day you're this little girl with not a single care in the world and playing with Barbie dolls and Playmobil is the most important thing in the world. The other day you're an adult with responsibilities, insecurities and worries. You have to start thinking about where you want to go, which goals you want to reach, what you have to cook for dinner etc. Crazy! Anyway, this was just a short update to tell you guys that I'm officially old now, haha! Have a lovely day!

Ps: thanks for baking this awesome vegan cake, dad!

A winter wishlist

December 6, 2015

My favorite month in the year is probably December, not just because it's my birthday but also because of Christmas. The only downside is: studying. I have some really difficult exams after the winter holiday which means I'll have to study 24/7. That's why I've already started writing my Christmas wishlist and I'm already buying my family Christmas gifts. Am I weird for being so early? Maybe, but I really want to focus on university and studying in December and January. With that being said, here's my Christmas wishlist!

10 facts about me

December 3, 2015

I've actually never written a 'facts about me' post and after three years of blogging, I think it's time for you to properly get to know me. Let's get started!

1. I'm a fan of Christmas, not because I'm religious (because I'm not), but because it's the coziest time of the year and I finally have an excuse to buy my family presents and eat too many cookies and gingerbread. That brings us to the second fact.

2. I can't live without gingerbread. If you don't know what to buy me for my birthday, just get me some delicious (vegan) gingerbread and I'm the happiest person in the world. This is by the way the only unhealthy food you'll find in my kitchen cupboard. Yes, I'm hard-core when it comes to my gingerbread. It's sacred (in my world, haha!).

3. I'm actually pretty short and people always seem surprised of my height when they meet me and my two best friends are way taller than me, most of my friends are taller than me actually. I measure 1m 63cm and although I sometimes wish I was taller, I'm pretty content with my height.

4. I'm not very good at cycling. I once got hit by a car whilst bicycling to school and another time I almost got rid over by a 18m truck. Thankfully I survived, but my bike didn't.

5. I'm a passionate vegan and I sometimes forget that being vegan still isn't generally 'accepted' and people keep asking me 'why I don't eat any dairy products' or 'avoid eggs'. I also sometimes get too preachy, but I'm trying to understand other people's point of view because I once used to be uninformed too.

6. I like to furnish rooms which probably sounds crazy, but I just like to decorate bedrooms and living rooms. I get really into room decoration and I'll usually search inspiration first and then go shopping. Also, my room at home has a minimal design (everything is white, clean and modern) whereas my room in Leuven (where I go to uni) has a rustic design with flower patterned wallpaper and everything cute. I guess I like to experiment with different styles?

7. I can't bake pancakes. At all. They either burn, stick to the pan or something else happens to them. But, they always taste amazing! They might not look like the most delicious food in the world, but they taste amazing for sure!

8. I get pissed off quite easily when something I want to bake fails horribly or when something burns. I always end up saying 'I suck at cooking, I TOLD YOU SO, mum!' and then she magically solves everything. I don't know what I would do without my mum and her magical cooking powers, haha!

9. I'm a procrastinator and no matter how often I tell myself to do something I always start working on essays (or other projects that aren't as fun) when it's almost too late. I should really work on that.

10. My eyes are allergic to make-up (I might have mentioned that before on my blog). I basically can't wear eyeshadow or mascara without priming my eyes first. If I don't apply a primer, my eyes turn red and my eyelids are a bit swollen te next day. It isn't too bad, but it's just really annoying...

That were the 10 facts about me! Do you have any strange habits/allergies? :)

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